Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is the right time to get started?

A: You will always be busy.

Start now.

You can find 30 minutes a week to prioritize you. And we promise, you will be glad you did (money back guarantee). ;)

Q: How do I get started?

A: Easy...just follow these steps:

1. Find a partner - Click Here to check out our Choosing a Partner page

2. Brainstorm what you want to work on - Click Here for ideas

3. Click here to Sign up for a launch call with the creators (Molly and Karl)

Q: What does it cost?

A: We have moved to a "Pay What You Decide" model for the Co-Accountant Project. This removes any financial risk of signing up for the project, and makes it accessible to anyone who wants to try it. After hearing details about the project during the launch, and receiving project materials, you get to decide what type of contribution you want to make based on the value of your experience.

Suggested fee range is $20.00 - $150.00 per team ($50/team is our break-even point). We have also found that making a financial commitment increase project follow-through. However, we are committed to making the Co-Accountant Project accessible for anyone who would like to participate and are delighted to launch you and your partner regardless of whether you are able to pay.

Q: What is the weekly time commitment?

A: We recommend setting aside a full 30 minutes a week for the check-in. Most people find this to be a suitable amount of time to have an in-depth call with someone while still keeping the project sustainable even in the busiest times.

Q: How do I remind myself about my goals for the week?

A: This can be a challenge for some. We recommend finding your own path, something that makes sense for your life. Here are some examples, though, of how people remind themselves:

1. Copy your goals onto a note, and leave it in your car to see every morning (if you commute to work).

2. Use an app such as Google Sheets to be able to access your goals whenever you want to remind yourself. This method also allows you to see past weeks quickly and easily

3. Create an app for us! That way, your goals can pop up every morning as a friendly reminder. Easy! ;)

...And come up with your own ideas, share with us and others on Facebook!

Q: I'm so busy these days, how do I make time for this project?

A: The key to making this project sustainable is finding a consistent time that can fit into your life. This could be a Sunday evening when you're typically around for at least 30 minutes. Or maybe it means that you've got a daily commute that is safe for a phone call. Or a lunch break at work where you can sneak out for a 30-minute walk to check in on the phone.

Whatever it is, we are confident that everyone has a 30 minute period in the week, especially when it means prioritizing some time to work on just what YOU want.

Q: How is this process any different than my weekly chats with a close friend?

A: The main difference from our usual ways of catching up with a friend is that this process has direction and structure, aimed specifically at goal-setting. It also offers a sustained weekly format where goals are recorded and reported on.

So while this isn't a replacement for catching up as friends (and you should still do that), it gives a structure so that our talks can be more proactive and focused. This process allows equal time to talk and think about the direction your year is going with some guiding structure and a weekly time commitment.