The Co-Accountant Project can be an invaluable tool for bringing increased connection, accountability and follow-through to your group or organization.

  • Men's groups
  • Writing groups
  • Fitness groups
  • Retirement Communities
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Businesses
  • YMCA's
  • Entrepreneurial Groups 

What We Offer

Dr. Molly Keehn brings her years of experience as an educator and trainer working with groups large and small. Her expertise includes intergroup dialogue, facilitator training, coaching, adult learning models, and leadership development. Molly recently received the University of Massachusetts “Distinguished Teaching Award,” nominated by students because of her ability to inspire and instill enthusiasm for the course subject matter.  Coming from a completely different field of study, Karl has gained a great deal of experience presenting in the corporate environment, and engaging audiences as large as 500 as the front-man of multiple professional bands. As a speaking team, Molly and Karl bring a unique and vibrant energy to their presentations. They are dynamic, engaging and able to model vulnerability in order to connect with any audience.

Our 3 primary offerings are described below:

We work with you to tailor-fit the workshops and presentation material that is most relevant to your group.

(1) Co-Accountant Project Information Sessions

These sessions provide participants with a thorough introduction to the Co-Accountant Project. Info Sessions are a great way to introduce the project as a tool for increased wellness to members of your organization.

A sample info session poster from Fall 2015, Amherst College

A sample info session poster from Fall 2015, Amherst College

Info sessions include:

  • Historical context and the need for more authentic connection in modern society
  • The seven core elements supporting the structure of the Co-Accountant Project
  • Healthy goal-setting and intentionality
  • Benefits of peer support and accountability
  • Examples of past and current participant journeys

After attending, participants will walk away with:

  • An overview of the research supporting the need for this type of project
  • Introduction to core project skills (active listening, self-compassion, habit-change and goal-setting)
  • Opportunity for self-reflection on different areas of their life
  • All the information needed to decide whether they would like to sign up for the project with a partner

Typical length: 1 hour

Previous info sessions include:

Amherst College (Amherst, MA) -- UMass Amherst graduate seminar (Amherst, MA) -- Hampshire YMCA (Northampton, MA) -- Forbes Library (Northampton, MA) -- Charlton Library (Charlton, MA) -- MetroWest YMCA (Framingham, MA)

(2) Co-Accountant Project Workshops

These sessions expand beyond the  Info-Sessions and offer participants all of the information and materials needed to actually get started with their own Co-Accountant Projects.  These are more interactive and hands-on, and offer participants a number of experiential activities and tools that can be applied elsewhere in their lives.

Co-Accountant Workshops INCLUDE:

  • All of the information offered in the info session
  • Details on the difference between a yearly intention and weekly goals
  • Opportunities for participants to craft their own yearly intention
  • Clear instructions on the mechanics of a Co-Accountant Check in, and our method of goal tracking


  • All the information and materials needed to get started on the project with a partner
  • An array of tools and techniques to apply to the project, and in other areas of their lives

We also offer in depth workshops on the following project components:

  • "The Art of Active Listening"
  • "The Power of a Self-Compassionate Approach to Change"
  • "Setting Healthy Goals and Intentions"
  • "Tools and Tricks to Staying Connected to your Co-Accountant Parter"


Typical length:

  • 2 - 3 hours (base workshop)
  • 1-2 hours (workshop on project components) 

Previous Co-Accountant Workshops include:

Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA) -- Yoga Shala (Sacramento, CA) -- StartingBloc (upcoming webinar)

(3) Customized Programs for your Group or Organization

We can adapt the framework and principles of the Co-Accountant Project to the specific needs of your group or organization. We will partner with you to create the customized program, and offer full support and project materials throughout the duration.

Organizations we are currently working with:

Mount Holyoke College


Infinity Healing School




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