So what's up with the caterpillar?

On one particularly inspiring project brainstorming hike in western Massachusetts, we came upon this amazing-looking caterpillar. Somehow neither of us had ever seen one of them, though they're common in the area. Looking out over the hills of the Pioneer Valley along with the timing of our conversation about the project, it made us both think "oh this is a magical little creature" and the idea for our logo spawned from that simple moment. After holding a name-the-caterpillar contest, we decided on Marly as the winner. Molly+Karl=Marly. Clever, right?

The caterpillar logo signifies where we are right now...embracing the beauty and power of the imperfect present, rather than focusing on the final product, the butterfly.  If you really look at these creatures, they're complex and magical, and they are one and the same as the butterfly.