Who We Are & how the project started

Dr. Molly Keehn and Karl Henricksen are the creators of the Co-Accountant Project. They are close friends who connected through playing in a band together and also their mutual interests in self-work,  “un-anesthetizing," and making the world a kinder, more connected and equitable place. They created the Co-Accountant Project in January of 2013 to help them make changes in their own lives in a more structured and connected way. They were astounded at the results, and started offering the project to friends and family. It has now expanded across the country and beyond.

Molly currently lives in western Massachusetts and works as an educator, teaching courses and leading trainings at the undergraduate and graduate level about intergroup dialogue and issues such as racism, classism and sexism. She holds a Master's degree specializing in college student development and counseling. She also earned her doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, researching connection, vulnerability, and personal storytelling as practices to enhance understanding across difference, as well as critiquing recent trends in disconnection through technology. Molly plays a large red accordion, was the first ever female winner of the Harpoon-fest chocolate cake eating contest, is a lover of magic and bouncy balls, and often gets invited on playdates with friends’ children.

Karl has been a full-time professional musician and, most recently, a software engineer. He lives in the Boston area and works part-time as an engineer and currently performs as the lead singer and guitarist of the electric soul-pop duo “Banjoshi.” He also plays in the East Coast’s self-proclaimed #1 Family Band, “DH and the Gentlemen,” along with Molly, his friend Dennis, his two brothers, and his father. Karl holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Karl has been described as a renaissance man and is an aspiring inventor, children’s book author, multi-linguist, and adventurist. He also rides a hell of a skateboard, plays soccer, surfs and bikes.