Yearly Intentions and Weekly Goals

Below, we offer information on how we've defined the goals and intentions based on our experiences and the work of other experts in accountability and goal-setting. Upon signing up for the Co-Accountant Project, you will receive much more extensive information on these topics to help ensure a successful year.

In the Context of This Project, We Distinguish Between Goals and Intentions in the Following way:

  • Intention - A guide or reminder for how you want to live and behave (i.e. your yearly intention, as a broad, overarching area of your life you want to work on).

  • Goal – an aim with a concrete, specific, and measurable outcome and result (i.e. your three weekly goals that are in line with your yearly intention).

About The Yearly Intention

The yearly intention is one area in your life that you would like to put consistent, sustained attention on (with support) over the course of a year. This intention should be broad, and something that would be generative and healthy for you and your life. You should also strive to make your intention flexible enough to be relevant for the whole year. The yearly intention is not necessarily a specific destination but more of a path to follow or a guiding principle. It should not be measurable, but rather a direction for you to consistently move toward.

About the Weekly Goals

The weekly intentions and goals in the Co-Accountant Project are smaller, often more specific, intentions and goals that you set each week, that relate to your yearly intention and/or other things going on in your life. These are the stepping stones that you use each week to keep you moving in the direction of your yearly intention.

sample Broad Categories for the Yearly Intention

Healthy/Deeper Relationships

Exercise and Fitness

Presence / Mindfulness

Eating and Drinking Healthfully

Spiritual Connection

More Thoughtful Money Habits    


Relaxation / Rest / Balance

Decluttering / Simplifying

sample Yearly intention with weekly goals


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